Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ball Game and Birthday

This week has been a good one.

First, McKay got a 100% on a circuit test, which is his hardest class this semester. He was so happy he offered to do the dishes. Pat on the back for you babe!

Earlier this week I thought I'd use my speaking skills and entered into a speech contest at school. I decided to talk about something I felt passionate about. So I decided to talk about why it is so important for women to wear the right bra size. My three points were

1. It will boost a woman's confidence
2. It will make a woman looker thinner
3. It's important in maintaining healthy breasts

This is how most women feel after fitting them

The world's largest bra

Look what a correct fitting bra can do! It's a miracle.

I knew if there were a lot of men participants and judges they would certainly pay attention to my speech. It was fun, I gave my speech twice and made it to the second round. I didn't make it to the final round, but I had a fun time. One of my teacher's who was a judge told me she saw my score and said that I did really well. You should have seen some of the responses I back from members of the audience while giving my speech. I could tell some men left uncomfortable, most looked very interested by nodding and smiling a lot, and a lot of girls asked me questions after. I felt good about it. I felt like my mission was accomplished by educating everyone the importance of wearing the correct bra size.

Now remember girls, your breast friend is a correct fitting bra!

On Friday night McKay and I went with his brother Taylor and his girlfriend Katie to the BYU Men's Basketball game. We ended up winning which was cool. The entire time I liked dogging on BYU because they couldn't make a 3-point shot. I could tell that McKay was getting mad because how dare anyone diss his beloved school! I was wearing green because I knew it would make McKay made that I wasn't wearing blue.

Thanks McKay for looking into the camera

McKay wouldn't look in the camera, but that's ok, this pictured turned out pretty dorky anyway

The basketball game

Katie and Taylor

Afterwards we went to Pudding on the Rice. They have such good rice pudding, yum. I was so happy because McKay and I both had leftovers and I was so excited for tomorrow to come home from work and to eat the rest of my rice pudding. I didn't know this but Burger Supreme in Provo has $1.00 burgers after 9 p.m! I couldn't believe it, so we had to go get some burgers. We came back to our apartment and watched a James Bond movie called "With Love from Russia." It was a Sean Connery one from the 60's, it was so psychedelic baby!

Saturday morning I went into work and came back around 2. Again, I was so looking forward to coming home and eating my rice pudding! I walk in the door and see two empty Pudding on the Rice bowls on the ground. I never felt so much rage than at this moment! I confronted McKay about the empty bowls and he admitted to eating them both! I was so ticked! I was so mad I cleaned the tub and toilet. I wouldn't talk to McKay for two hours. I know this sounds really ridiculous to be mad about, I felt so disappointed. I calmed down and was able to forgive McKay, he offered to buy me more, a lot more.

That night, McKay and I met our good friends Amber and Tage up in Layton at Tepanyaki because it was Amber's birthday this week. I've never been, so I was looking forward to this treat. It was pretty impressive the onion volcano, them chopping up food so fast, and feeling the heat of the flames on my face. It was fun, but I did find this scary and creepy life-size Asian doll.

The midget Asian lady doll

Amber and baby Davis

I heart your ears!

Tage, always so inappropriate

The rest of the night we played games, talked about old times, and had fun with baby Davis. We slept over at my parents house, ate breakfast with my family, and came back to Provo in time to go to church. We actually did some fun things this week.

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Taylor said...

Oh Courtney, another post that cracks me up! I wish i could have seen your speech about finding the correct bra size. I love you, you are the coolest person I know.