Monday, May 12, 2008

Megan's Wedding

On Saturday McKay and I had the great opportunity to go to my old roommate's wedding. We went to the ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple, ate brunch, and went to a beautiful reception. I loved the reception I thought it was bombay! They had authentic Thai food, candy buffet, cake, green punch, and I absolutely loved her photographer. Megan you looked so beautiful! Chad you look good in green.

Megano and I were roommates down at SUU for a year. She has become one of my closest friends. Some of the greatest times I've ever had was with her and Erin.
I remember the time Erin, Megano, and I decided for my birthday we would do something that I've always wanted to do. That was to run around naked somewhere. I've always heard of how much fun Erin had doing that in high school and it was my 19th birthday and I wanted to try it! We went to the football field and we didn't get naked, but we got down to our undies and ran around the track. Megano, felt uncomfortable, so instead she took pictures of Erin and I.
Another good time was when Megano and I went to the Institute dance where we dressed up and jumped into a water fountain. It was so funny because everyone at the dance thought that we were drunk, but we were not! Then we went and sand Kareoke.
Another great time was when we went over to McKay's neighbors house where we played ultimate spoons. We put the spoons at the bottom of the stairs and put charis, couches, and tables in front of the stairs. So whenever we ran to get the spoons we would end up rolling and falling down the stairs. Then one time we ran down the stairs, Meg and I fell down together and both of us peed our pants. For some reason Erin told all of the boys that we pooped our pants, so they thought that we were freaks! A week or two later Megan ran into on of the ultimate spoon boys cars. It was so funny!

Megan or Megano as I like to call her, met Chad (her now husband) the first semester of school. My story was the same, I met McKay the first 3 weeks of school. It's kind of funny because I remember Megan coming back to our room and telling me how much she hated this kid named Chad in her stats class. She would say how annoying he was. They became study partners and started to hang out with each other. I remember her telling me about their first kiss and how she thought he was weird. I have to admit I didn't like Chad at first. They dated for 2 1/2 years! That is like a decade in Utah dating time. Over those 2 1/2 year's I've come to like and love Chad. He is perfect for Megan and she is perfect for him. I'm so happy for the two of them. I hope you two both have a beautiful and happy life together.


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