Monday, November 5, 2012

Blessing Day

 On Sunday we blessed Amelia Ann at church with all of our families and friends there.  The best feeling is having everyone you love and care about dearly all with you in the same place.  Taking pictures during church is really tacky, but I couldn't help myself. These pictures were right before McKay blessed her.  McKay did a great job, I would be a nervous mess.  

                                    Here's some pictures of friends and family at the luncheon.

No gathering would be complete for me without some matchmaking.  

Another key ingredient to having a successful luncheon is good food.  My good friend Alicia who is also in our ward blessed their baby a couple months ago and we went to their luncheon.  They had the most delicious sandwiches, I had like five of them.  I told Alicia I was going to steal her sandwich idea for our blessing luncheon. I don't know the name of the sandwich but its really easy, so savory, and you'll eat like ten of them.  I looked all over the internet to find a link to this delicious recipe but couldn't find one.  Alicia texted me the recipe, so I'll share it with you.  Here's a picture that's pretty close to what it looks like.

Hot Ham and Cream Cheese Sandwiches
-(2) 8 oz of cream cheese
-5 green onions 
-1 tsp dry mustard
-1 tbs water
-Dozen rolls
-Package of ham 
-Package of munster or havarti cheese

Preheat oven to 350.  Soften cream cheese to room temperature.  Fold in green onions.  Mix dry mustard with water.  Pour mustard mixture into cream cheese.  Set aside.  Slice roll, spread one tbs of cream cheese mixture on roll, place a slice of cheese and two slices of ham.  Roll up in tin foil and place in oven for 10-15 minutes until cheese and melted. Heaven in a tin foil.    

                         We took some pictures of us on our front porch while there was light outside


Jocelyn said...

She is so sweet, congrats you three! (And, um, I'm so making those sandwiches, they look amazing!)

The Rasmussens said...
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The Rasmussens said...

Tyler and I were so glad we could be apart of Amelia's special day! She is beautiful just like you!

Kristi said...

Oh, my goodness! She looked beautiful...just like her mom! What a special day for your cute family. I absolutely LOVE that you did some match making!! And thanks for sharing that recipe. Can't wait to try it!