Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tribute to Little Winston

I've been looking through my pictures of Winston on my phone and I feel sad because he's grown up so fast.    He's 7 months old now and in dog years that equates to around 12 years old in human years.  I always hear mom's say their babies grow up so fast.  I'm not a mother quite yet, but I can say I feel the same way with Winston.  Five months ago when we got Winston, I was kind of apprehensive about the whole idea.  McKay grew up with dogs and I was open to getting a dog, but was very opinionated as to what type of dog I wanted.  

McKay's family had Schnauzer's all growing up and absolutely loved them.  Their last dog, named Cooper, I was not a big fan of.  He was a nice dog, but didn't like his many accidents that involved poop, pee, and throw up.  Last summer the Killpack family decided they didn't want him to suffer anymore and put him to sleep.  This was devastating for their family, especially McKay.  I've never seen a grown man so sad in my life.  For the next couple months whenever we would visit his family he would look for Cooper and realize he was gone. 

Ever since McKay and I have been married I've wanted a cat.  I grew up with cats and missed having a fuzzy thing to love.  I was so excited when we moved into our house that finally, after five years of apartment living I could get a cat.  The first week we moved into our house, we adopted a cat by the name of Hercules.  He was a coon, which means he was as big as a raccoon and furry.  After a week, I knew it wasn't meant to be.  Hair balls, shedding fur, and a smelly litter box was enough to make me realize that I didn't want a cat anymore.  We took him back to the animal refuge, where he would have another opportunity to be adopted by another family.  After this failed attempt I felt really bad :(  

During the month of December McKay thought it would be a great time to get a dog.  I agreed so the search was on.  McKay and I were both being very stubborn because McKay wanted a  Schnauzer and I wanted something like a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle.  When I thought of Schnauzer's all I could think of was Cooper pooping, peeing, and throwing up all over the place.  Then we saw the KSL listing.  

I made a deal with McKay, if I was to get a Schnauzer I wanted one that was unique.  I didn't want a pepper colored one because that reminded of Cooper and plus McKay's brother and his wife have a grey Schnauzer, and for some lame reason, I didn't want a black one.  I know, I was being really difficult.  When we went over to meet the family who had posted the KSL listing, I was instantly drawn to the white ones.  At this time, there were two white puppies left.  I asked the family, which of the white ones was the most outgoing.  They told me it was this puppy they named McCloud.  McKay who at times amazes me with his patience, love, and unselfishness, said to me, "Courtney, I'll let you pick which puppy you want."  Right then and there I knew it was that white one named McCloud.  We told the family we would think about it that night and get back to them that morning about whether or not we wanted the puppy.  A hour later, we called the family back and told them we wanted McCloud.  We didn't like the name McCloud, and with the help of McKay's younger sister she was one who thought of the name Winston.  It's probably the fastest thing McKay and I agreed on was his name.  A week later we welcomed Winston into our family.  The first two months were a lot of work, trying to potty train, getting up in the middle of the night, watching him every second, and coming home everyday for lunch so I could feed and let him out.  Winston did have a few accidents, but has done really well.  

I can't imagine our lives without this little dog.  The most exciting thing was a week after we got Winston, that's when I found out I was pregnant.  I'm glad baby Amelia will have a little friend to play with.  McKay and I have been able to enjoy the little things in life with him like: talking early evening walks, bath time, cuddling and nap fests.  He makes us happy, laugh, excited, sometimes frustrated (when he wakes us up in the middle of the night) or when he makes messes, but what I've learned is he's preparing us for the next stage of our lives.  Who would of thought Winston could soften my heart for Schnauzer's.

The things I love about Winston:
1. His extremely high pitched scream/bark, he sounds like a girl.
2. How excited he gets when you get home.  He cries, screams, and licks your face off.  This makes you smile after a long and hard day at work.
3. He loves to cuddle and loves to held like a baby.
4. He's 100% potty trained, thank the Lord!
5. He is extremely playful and has a lot of energy.
6. Pretty much the cutest Schnauzer around.  Thank you breeders for not clipping his ears!
7. Loves little children.
8. He's smart.
9. He snores (I don't like this in the middle of the night, when I can't go back to sleep).
10. He has a very sweet disposition.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Winston:

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