Thursday, May 24, 2012

California Dreamin'

Last week McKay and I were able to go to California to visit my sister Melanie and brother in-law Andrew.   This was a special occasion because he was graduating from medical school.  It was a family affair because both sides of his families were there to celebrate.  Being 27 weeks pregnant, I told McKay I refused to drive the 10 hour drive, so we flew. I love the Long Beach Airport, I feel like I'm stepping back into 1930's with its art deco appearance.  

We went to this place called the Great Park in Irvine.  It used to be an old Military Base and now turned it into a very large park with gardens, soccer fields, venues, hot air balloon, and carousel.  We took a spin on the carousel and a lift on the hot air balloon.  This was my first time I've ever been on a hot air balloon and when we reached the 400 ft in the air, I got kind of nervous.  To help with my nervousness, I kept taking pictures.

We went to commencement and it was the longest one I've ever been too.  Three and a half hours.  

We had to hit up our favorite San Diego restaurant and the best BBQ in the world.  If you're in San Diego, make sure to go to Phil's BBQ, you won't regret it.  I ate every square inch of my meal.  Space is becoming a hot commodity in my body. That's why I look so big in the next picture.     

After a delicious dinner the Dobson's and the Craig's went to a Padres game.  I'm not a huge baseball fan, but this game was really fun.  I loved the architecture of the ballpark, the views of the bay were beautiful, and it was the perfect weather.   

I promise, I'm not a bloodsucking vampire, even though I do look like one.

On the way to our cars we all stopped at Ghiradelli and got some ice cream.  It was funny because I told McKay we were going to Ghiradelli and he had no idea what Ghiradelli was.  We made fun of him by saying it was a tattoo shop.  He was so confused as to why we would go there.  McKay learned something that night, what Ghiradelli really means.   

My parents drove back home the next day and Melanie and Andrew left on a much needed vacation.  McKay and I had a day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted.  We decided to spend the day at the San Diego Zoo!  We saw almost every animal and exhibit.  Waddling around a zoo for six hours and going on a tour did a number on me.  I was pretty impressed with all of the things to see.  


Riding the sky tram.  God's gift to zoo goers and pregnant ladies.  



This is how big a polar bear can get up to.  I could be his second breakfast.

This picture is funny, looks like the bear is petting McKay on his head.

While we were in the exotic birds exhibit, I had one poop on me :(

On our way to the airport we stopped at Newport Beach and took the ocean in for a hour, before we headed back home.  

California was fun.  I'm going to miss not having a good reason to visit this place every year.  Melanie and Andrew are moving to Alabama for residency and I guess Alabama will be my next California. 


The Slacks. said...

Courtney you look gorgeous!! What a cute little pregnant lady you are. Looks like you had fun, we miss you guys!

Caitlin said...

I'm sorry it pooped on you sister. You look so cute with your baby bump! love ya!