Monday, April 30, 2012

Last week of April

This week has been filled with good and sad.  Let's start with the good.

My work sponsored a table at this charity dinner called the Davis Education Foundation Gala, we weren't planning on going because all of the tickets had been given away.  At the last second a pair of tickets came up and we were able to go.  It's a black tie event held at the Davis Conference Center in Layton.  Let's just say, it's fun.  They have a silent and live auction, really good food, and it's fun to get dressed up once in a while.  McKay and I went to it last year and I was able to score an original print and frame for $25!  So this year I was trying to find an unique piece of art to bid on and add to my collection.  Sadly, this year I didn't find anything I really liked.  The food was really good.  This is what we were served.  


In the menu it described the dish as: chicken wellington stuffed with oyster mushroom & boursin cheese with mango citrus sauce and saffron prosciutto and asparagus risotto served with chive tied fresh vegetables.  Let's just say it was really good.  

We came home and watched Super 8.  Pretty good.  Rested with Winston.

The sad.  Earlier in the week my Grandpa Craig has been having some health problems and eventually was admitted to the hospital.  McKay and I visited him on Saturday along with my Aunt, Caitlin, Grandma, and some of my cousins.  It was kind of cramped, but you could feel that all of the visitors helped boost Grandpa's spirits.  This picture is priceless.  My Grandma comforting my Grandpa.  After 70 years of marriage you can tell they truly love each other.  

My little sister Caitlin explains it best on her blog.  Grandpa is out of the hospital now and is doing better.  We pray and hope a procedure will make it easier for him to eat and swallow.  If not, we all know Grandpa and he won't want to live the rest of his life on a feeding tube.  Grandpa and Grandma are living with my Aunt in Mapleton until we can get the proper help they will need when they come back to their house.  It was sad to see them pack up the small amount of clothes and toiletries they packed and leave the home they've lived in for over 60 years.  Knowing that they won't be able to live independently anymore and their lives will be forever changed from now on.  This week has been emotionally hard for my family.  But I know that our family will be able to get through this.  It's strengthened my testimony of eternal families and the true meaning of families.  Families work, sacrifice, laugh, support, and love together.  I feel grateful to have such a great family and blessed that McKay and I have the opportunity to have our own small family.      

Saturday, McKay and I went to this Bike Yard Sale.  McKay was thinking he was going to see some high end road bikes, but instead we found this little gem.  It's called the Brittany Free Spirit.  It was $20 and I've always wanted a vintage bike.  McKay spent the weekend tuning it up for me so we can go on a bike ride this week.  I plan on using this to ride to Young Women's, borrowing eggs from the neighbors, and taking Winston on walks.  Thanks to my bike loving husband who saw the potential in this cute bike.  

The past week or so I've been able to feel the baby move.  This has been really exciting and has made me realize that were really going to have a baby and how much our lives are going to change (for the better).  I'm nervous and anxious, but mostly excited.  

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