Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Halloween Costume Ideas

I don't know about you, but Halloween is a big deal to me. I spend a month or two pondering, thinking, and researching as to what I want to be for Halloween. I love to dress up, it's one of my passions in life. In high school I was known for dressing up crazy and going places. I still enjoy a night or two doing that still. Last year was so much fun, McKay was Dog the Bounty Hunter and I was his voluptuous wife, Beth.

I'm having toss up between these two ideas costume ideas. It's either between:

Poor Amy Winehouse


Penelope from the Movie Penelope

Whatever I am this year, I'll be excited to go to school, work, and my internship all dressed up.


Scott and Andrea said...

I think definitely Amy W. With the hair and makeup and insane clothes, everyone would know who you were.

LizzieLou said...

I think you should be Penelope!

VessandAngie said...

amy, for sure. i'm sad i won't be able to see you in person :(

Trinity said...
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