Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Greek Festival

Opa! McKay and I went with our buddies from SUU to the Greek Festival in Salt Lake this weekend. Let's just say we went for the food. It was fun. The food was way good, the music was interesting, and the lamb roasting on a spit was a lovely touch to the Greek atmosphere.

Megan and Chad

McKay eating

This is my food: a gyro, lemon rice, salad, and coke

My favorite thing, the lamb on a spit

This is inside the church

The pretty stained glass windows

Look at the detail in this chair

Outside of the church

The gang we went with


Scott and Andrea said...

Oh my gosh I know Chad! I don't know if he'd remember me or not but he was a pretty funny dude. We know a lot of the same people, random!

Elizabeth said...

You went to Greek Fest!
Us too!
I wish I was Greek.

Um, the end.