Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I miss Mrs. Butterworth's!

I was watching TV on our new cable and randomly I thought how much I love Mrs. Butterworth's! I remember as a child my mom would buy Mrs. Butterworth's syrup because I loved how the bottle was shaped as a pilgrim lady. I use to talk to Mrs. Butterworth's like a person and carry her around and play with her. Was I crazy as a child? Oh well, I'm still going to buy Mrs. Butterworth's.


Cay said...

I'm glad that I did one thing right in your childhood in buying Mrs. Buttersworth Syrup. Boy, was I worried you wouldn't turn right. I'm glad that you have such a funny way of looking at things and that you're happy. Awesome about the cable, but you probably should of saved your money and just do other things at night. Love,Mom

andrew & jenna said...

yay for bloggin!

Heather & Bryce said...

oh i love it! you guys are blogging :)