Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Festival of Colors

The Celebrated Festival of Colors

On Saturday night holi celebration of The Festival of Colors occured. It was my first time going and it was an experience that I'll never forget. It was also the celebration of my Birthday. My birthday was on the 25th, due to school I wasn't able to have a real party. My sister Mel, my ex-roommate Megano, and my cousin Erin thought it would be a festive way to celebrate my most special day. When we got there we parked about a mile away from the temple. It was a nice walk. There were cars that lined the entire street on both sides. I didn't know what to expect when getting to the temple because I've only seen it from the freeway. We finally got to the temple and there were thousands of students overflowing the balcony and courtyard. It was funny because there were more students then there was Indians. We bought our chalk and tried to make our way through the crowd to where the stage was. We found a table in an opening where we watched a couple of Indian Dancers. We got down from the table and got in the middle of the crowd making our way over to the big bon fire. Then all of a sudden thousands of chalked bags are being thrown and tossed through the air. At that moment I could not see in front of me nor breathe. It was a scary feeling! I bent down so I could catch some air and did by covering my face with my shirt. I could taste the scented chalk down my throat, lungs, and nose. I finally found Erin and Megan and they looked like they went through a terrible battle and was overwhemingly covered in mutli colored mix of colors. The frenzy of the flower scented chalk went on long after the initial start of the festival. We migrated through the crowd to make it to the bon fire. I could not tell but I was told they had a masked mannequin burning in the fire. The one thing I absolutly wanted to do was to crowd surf! Melanie's friend Margo, got picked up and carried throughout the crowd. I was jealous! We walked up the stairs so we could go inside to see what the temple looked like inside. We had to take our shoes off, and walked right in. The inside had a cool shrine with a blue god surrounded by gold gods. It was very orante. To the side there was a statue of another holi person, it scared me because it looked so real. We went downstairs to look at the eclectic gift shop the temple housed. Soon after that we started to walk back to the car. It was a long tedious walk back to the car. We were about 3/4 there when a car drove by with a bunch of people catching a ride while hanging out of the back. I ran up to the car and jumped in. I almost fell out, but the other people grabbed onto me so I wouldn't be roadkill. It was fun. After we were in the mood for Indian food, so we went to Indian Palace, a restuarant on Center Street in Provo. It satisfied my taste buds, chicken tikki marsala, rice, and a garlic naan. HMMMM. After that we went back to my apartment and all three of us showered. The water in the shower was pink because of the chalk, and my boogers were pink for three days! Overall, going to the festival was one of the craziest things I've ever seen. My clothes were stained pink too. I'm still in the process of trying to get it out. Any tips from anyone? Please let me know. The only question I have from this is why is their god blue?

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