Thursday, April 19, 2012

According to Life

I'm not being original here at all, thanks to Naomi from Rockstar Diaries, I'm stealing your idea.  This is saving me a lot of time.  Here is what we've been up to according to life in general.

The GMC Jimmy I drive reached 150,000 miles.  McKay was driving when I took this picture.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before in January McKay and I joined an indoor soccer team and play once a week.  It's been fun to play.  I get a lot of weird looks because people can tell I'm carrying another person, but I try my best.  

Winston with my sunglasses on.  He's so cute. 

We went to Vegas and St. George this past weekend for McKay to compete in the St. George Century Ride (100 mile bike ride).  With the crappy weather, 40 degree weather, let's just say it wasn't pleasant for him.  We headed down to Vegas for a day to stay with my cousin and her husband. We went out to eat at this Mexican restaurant and we tipped off the waiter it was McKay's birthday a few days ago.  They came out with this sombrero and churros and we sang him happy birthday. The waiter knocked something on the table and shoved it up to McKay's mouth.  It was a shot of Tequila.  The waiter was trying to pour it down McKay's throat, McKay told the waiter that he didn't drink.  He probably thought we were so weird because who wouldn't want a free shot of Tequila.

We went to Lake Las Vegas, it was a pretty day.  It's a man made with a resort on it that looks a lot like the Bellagio.  It was pretty. 

There's this grocery store in Kaysville called Bowman's and they have a couple of these "Expecting Mothers" parking signs.  When we first moved to Kaysville, I though to myself, "I wonder when I'll be able to park in one of those parking spots."  I went there the other day to give in my craving of donuts and thought to myself, "oh my gosh, I can park in those parking spots."  I was so happy about it I took a picture of it.

McKay is going to be a good daddy.  He's watching Stargate Atlantis (the worst and stupidest sci-fi soap opera known to man) while cuddling with Winston.  

To end, I thought this picture was cute of McKay sound asleep and Winston nearby watching me.

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