Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cornilles Family Reunion

My Mom's side of the family had a big family reunion last weekend up in McCall Idaho.  This was my first time up there and we ended up having a blast.   My Mom's six siblings, my 24 cousins equaled to 50 people trying to share space, I thought this could be a disaster.  To my surprise, there were no big fights, lots of laughs, good times, and caught up with the people I love dearly.  Here are some of the things we did:

Sung Happy Birthday to Andrew (Melanie's husband) on the phone who couldn't come to the reunion because he's busy studying for boards.  

My cousin Jessica and I

I wish my kitchen was this big; there was a spot for each stage of preparing food!

My Uncle Brad giving my cousin Austin a food massage

Made Cafe Rio sweet pork burritos and salads for our dinner with my Sistas and Mom.

The entire spread

Consumed an entire bag of these addictive cookies, my Mom and I loved them so much we went to the bakery and each got our own bag.  They are the most soft and chewy molasses cookies I've ever eaten.

Me inhaling a bag of Stacey Cakes

Some of the my cousins cute babies

Here are the individual family pictures

  Cornilles Family; my Uncle Rob is running for Congress in Oregon, good luck!

Lesser Family

Haupt Family

Cornilles Family 

Cornilles Family

Cornilles Family

Grandma and Mit

My family, Andrew we missed you :(

Played board games

Took walks around town

Played Minute to Win It Games

Literally, hung out with the cousins!

Paddle boarded until this surprise

McKay and I paddle boarding on the lake

Can't wait until the next reunion.

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