Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Head Board

After much research, measuring, cutting, stapling, and a lot of trial and error, I'm glad to say that I'm finally done with my headboard.  It took a couple of weeks to complete.  It's funny because as I was researching on how to make one in all of the tutorials I found they made it seem so easy to make one.  Well it was a lot easier to make then to spend $600-1,000 on one.  I learned a lot about math, patience, and the importance of accurate measuring.  But here is a list of other tidbits I learned.
1. Math is the language of the Gods and without it, this headboard would have looked horrible.

2. The more simple the design, the easier.

3. Creating a very large compass came very handy when tracing the shape of the headboard.

4. The foam was more expensive then the fabric, plywood, hardware, and batting!

5. I spent $240 to make it

6. Befriend someone who has a lot of tools so you can borrow them, and smarts so you can have them help you do all the math involved with measuring, cutting, and mounting. 

If you want detail instructions on how to make one, let me know and I'll give you the 411!


Adria said...

Way to go, Courtney!! It's awesome and I LOVE the fabric :o)

Unknown said...

I have thought about making one, But I don't know now. It looks great!
The Nielsons

Amber said...

it is so cute hon! i love it! you'll have to help me make my parents one. i love that pic of you and mckay too.

JD and Alicia said...

You already know how much I LOVE it! Can i recruit you, with your smarts, to help me?

The Slacks. said...

Oh my, it looks amazing! i want to make the same one! :)