Monday, July 11, 2011

My new favorite hobby

Since we've moved to Kaysville, I've been trying to get to familiar with our new home. I never really ventured into Kaysville and Layton area growing up, so now I'm doing some catching up. There are a lot of hikes and trails against the mountains near our house.

About a month ago McKay and I hiked up Adams Canyon, at the end there is a 40 ft waterfall. Being exhausted and tired of hiking up steep terrain, I wanted the hike to be over! So instead of walking back, McKay and I decided to run back! This sounds kind of funny because we were so tired, but we found some energy to do it. We made it back to our car within 15 minutes and it took us a hour and a half to climb up to the top. We had so much fun running down the trail because we felt like we were Pocahontas running through the forest.

Anyway, we had so much fun I've been going out of my way to go on hikes, which I used to dread, because I love running down them. Any of you want to join me, I'm currently in the market to find a buddy to go with me. Let me know if any of you are interested.


Taylor said...

I would do it with you.....but I live too far away :(

The Slacks. said...

i've always wanted to do trail running, it seems like it would be so exhilarating!! Too bad i always have kiddos with me haha :(