Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Holiday

McKay, myself, and the Killpack clan spent the weekend at the compound in east Park City. It was fun. We did a lot of the following:

Movie watching

Laying around and relaxing

On Sunday we went to church at the Wanship ward. Because it was 4th of July weekend there were a lot of visitors there like us. It was fast and testimony meeting and I won't forget one testimony in particular. A 30 year old pregnant woman got up and started to tell everyone about how her husband got gotten a vasectomy when they thought they were done having children. She continues by saying she had a feeling they needed to have more children, so her husband had to get a reversal on his vasectomy. She closes by quoting the lyrics to the Salt N' Pepa song "Whatta Man" by saying "What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man" her husband is by going through his vasectomy and reversing it. Talk about an interesting fast and testimony meeting.

I found this on the internet and thought it was blog worthy

July 4th morning Monday , I had to go into work. Work was throwing candy and frisbees at the Clearfield and Kaysville Parades. I've been in charge of decorating and organizing the parade float this year and it went well. No one got ran over. The Kaysville parade was crazy, there was a sea of children on both sides of our float. I had to gently shove children aside so they wouldn't be overtaken by the float.

After the parade we went home, McKay took a 4 hour nap, I worked on tracing the shape of my upholstered headboard I've been trying to make.

We went over to the Craig's for a BBQ and a dip in the pool

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Amber said...

I love you hon! your pictures and stories are hilarious. it sounds like you guys have been having fun. miss you!