Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Additions to the Family

For the past three months McKay and I haven't had any dinning room chairs. Four out of three dinning room chairs have broken. I reupholstered the chairs about a year ago and liked my pick in an exotic bird print. Well, I guess I didn't screw in the screws well enough, so the metal hinges all broke off. We haven't had friends over and we definitely haven't been able to eat off our table for some time now. We decided on Saturday to get some chairs. After looking around on KSL Classified, I wasn't able to find any cute, eclectic, vintage looking chairs. McKay didn't like the idea I had of getting different looking chairs and painting them. So we spent an afternoon at IKEA and bought four, four legged friends. Now we can finally play Texas Hold Em.

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Ryan and Megan said...

congrats on your new additions!! Cute blog!!