Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Special Visit

For Christmas Eve we spent it with McKay's family. His parents thought it would be a good idea to visit an 97 year old man in their ward. His wife died a couple years ago and has no family living close by. We went by and brought him a plate of food and some treats from our Christmas feast. He was so excited to see us that he made us sit down and have a seat on his 70's flower couch. He told us about what he did that day and his plans for Christmas day. He talked about how he worked for in the steel industry for 50 years and how he used to have a cabin up at Strawberry Reservoir. I felt really good being there and spending our Christmas Eve with this lonely man. After being there for a hour we felt we should probably go. He wouldn't let us leave, to make us stay he gave us a tour of his house, gave us some sugar free Werther's candies, and to top it off he gave each of us a roll of paper towels. As we were leaving I noticed little box opened on his kitchen counter that looked exactly like this:

I thought it was funny and wanted to share.


The Kauwe's said...


Liza said...

WHY and HOW do you always have the best stories?! Paper towels? haha, seriously my life is not nearly this eventful. I can only wish.

Liza said...

I was just showing this to Bry while simultaneously taking a drink of water and spewed it everywhere because I couldn't keep from laughing.