Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lonestar Concert

McKay was gone to Scout Camp and I was going to spend my night baking because I don't have much friends. My nice and sweet sister in-law invited me to go with her to the Lonestar Concert at the Scera Shell. I was really impressed by this group. Even though the original lead singer is no longer apart of Lonestar the new lead singer looks a lot like Keith Urban. I'll watch a Keith Urban look a-like. Here are pictures from our adventure.

We stood right next to the stage and the bass was so loud that ear wax was flying out of our ears!

So delightful

You go guitarist

Having too much fun

The main singer looked straight at me! Too bad he has short man syndrome.

Amazed baby

Our friend who sat right next to us

Saving our seat before the concert

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