Sunday, August 23, 2009

Provo, Oh, Provo

McKay has been trying to figure out whether or not he wants to dedicate two more years and get his Master's. Well we just got some good news that has kind of determined where were going to be staying for the next couple of years. McKay got a research position with a professor who will be engineering new ways to send messages to telescopes in outer space. The really good news is that his professor told McKay that if he does well in his research it will guarantee him to get into the Electrical Engineer Master's program. One other really good thing is that majority of the students who get into the program get full ride scholarships and get paid! So this means that we'll be staying here in Utah County for two more years. There goes my dream of moving to somewhere exotic like Iowa or Arkansas. But that's ok, we're close to our families and it will be significantly cheaper.


Matthew & Sara said...

hurray for nerd bomber engineers and their BYU educations. We should start a support group- or at least go to lunch once a month to talk of their engineer weird ways.

Anonymous said...