Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garage Sale

On Saturday McKay's Mom had a garage sale at their house. McKay thought it would be a great way to sell some stuff we don't want anymore. After five hours McKay sold our vacuum cleaner, a hammock he purchased from Costa Rica, and a dream catcher he made when he was in Scouts. McKay made $12, enough to buy both of us a combo meal at Wendy's. McKay was sad that he didn't sell more, but I got some roller blades and a Pampered Chef tool I have no idea how to use. It was a long and hot day. It reminded me how much I love garage sales. You can find some of the most random things at them. It made me miss my good old friend Liz, the one who would ride with me on her husband's scooter and we would go garage sale hunting. I found my beloved yogurt trough from the Balkin Islands at a garage sale, it currently is housed on top of our dinner table. I want to get out on one or two more Saturday's before summer is over and find some really good stuff.

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Waterfields said...

I love yard sales too! 12 dollars is better than no dollars! Miss ya girl.