Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Sorry I've Ignored You Blog

I realized I haven't payed much attention to my lil blog.  I hope it doesn't feel abandoned.  The truth is that nothing really exciting has happened, so nothing really fascinating to post about.  But I do have some updates.  I finished the book Twilight.  No I'm not an obsessed fan, but I'm going to read @ 2, 3, and 4.  I went to my Ward's book club were we discussed and analyzed parts of the book.  It was fun to see other people's views and comments about the book.

I finish my crocheting project!  It's a short scarf where you put around your neck and there's a button in the front that you
 fasten.  It's very exciting.  

Last week was Katie's Bridal Shower.  We had it at Grandma Killpack's house.  It was really fun, there was good food, and Katie got some sexy things and of course she got a lot practical stuff too.  

Earlier this week we threw Katie a Bachelorette party!  We went to Zupa's for dinner and then we migrated over to Color Me Mine!  I've never been there and so I was very anxious to start this creative journey.  To be different I didn't pick a mug, I picked this hot dog in a bun thing that opens up.  The reason behind it was because we were at a bridal shower and it looked funny, and second McKay and I need a butter holder, because we don't have one and our butter always tastes like refrigerator.  To be really different I hand painted the dog in a damask design.  The bun is bright red and inside is purple.  And it wouldn't be complete without McKay's "Hot Doggy Dog!" saying when we got excited about eating a hot dog. 

I signed up to play intramurals at BYU.  I'm going to play water polo and soccer.  We'll see how long I last in the game.  Its hard during the winter to stay active.  I'm taking 15 credits, working part time, its cold outside, I hate using BYU's work out facilities, and McKay and I put our 24 Hour Fitness passes on hold for a couple of months.  That's why I've been enjoying my belly dancing work out video.  It's so hypnotizing because one night I was doing my thang and McKay couldn't pay attention to his homework.

I hope to look like that when I play

Anyway, so that's been up with me for the past week. 


Taylor said...

Court! I laugh out loud everytime I read your blog. You should post a picture of your scarf, i wanna see it! You do belly dancing videos? Invite me over, I wanna learn!

Anonymous said...

You are so interesting. Honest! I love checking your blog. And since you asked me long time ago to do one, it's about time i do it!

It's not going to be as interesting as yours. . . .:)