Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Christmas Time in the Suburb!

I know it's kind of late, but Merry Christmas everyone! McKay and I have been really busy with work, Christmas, and family activities. If you want to know our Christmas was fabulous in every way. For Christmas Eve we spent it with the Killpack's where we ate a lot of good food, opened presents, watched an intense balloon fight between siblings, and enjoyed a ping pong tournament.

My Brother In-Law's Fiancee opens her gifts. Congrats to Taylor and Katie for getting engaged over Christmas!

McKay got his back-up drive and his Hello Panda candies from Japan.

Emily got her black sports bra. She's getting a supportive Christmas.

Jon got his toiletries bag for his mission.

I got McKay a 6 X 8 ft sleeping bag. It was so awesome we could fit the entire family!

More pictures of the family in the bag.

The whole entire family

Early Christmas morning we drove up to Centerville to be with the Craig's. Melanie, my older sister was still down in California, so it felt kind of weird not having her be there, but we did have a great time spending quality time with my family.

My lil sister Caitlin

Mom, Cameron, and Dad

My Mom got the Christus statue from my Dad
I got Molly a Christmas sweater
Me opening a gift
Hooray! I got the hat I wanted off of Etsy!
Oh Christmas tree

My Mom got me a Leg Lamp and a Leg Lamp bobble head from A Christmas Story. Tacky Christmas decorations, I heart it!

My Dad made us go on a GPS Scavenger Hunt to find our presents. Here is me with my new cute hat finding clues to find our presents.

During our Scavenger Hunt, we went I to my Grandparents house where I reminisced about things that reminded me of Christmas. Here is one of them. This is over 60 years old and is from Japan. My Grandparents would hang it up every Christmas. You wind up this toy and it twirls. There's pictures of me as a little girl starring in amazement of this antique toy.

The second object is this handmade scary/cute elf doll. I love it's grin, it kind of looks like a 90 year old lady, but it has so much charm that it's ugliness is overlooked by it's cuteness.

McKay finally found his gift back at my parents house and he found this TV! He was so happy and so surprised. I told McKay, "I think my parents like you the most out of anyone else in the family."

Overall McKay and I felt very spoiled this Christmas. It made me realize even more that we're blessed in every way. Thank you Mom & Dad and the Killpack's for an amazing Christmas. We heart you.

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Taylor said...

Looks like you did have an awesome Christmas! I just went back to C-ville yesterday and got your gift...thanks so much...I love it!! I love and miss you, hope all is well!