Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holy Camel!

McKay and my life have been so stressful these past week that I haven't been able to even think about my precious blog. Some exciting things did happen this week. Here is a recap on them.

My internship at Close To My Heart had their Christmas party at Thanksgiving point. We enjoyed really good food, fun entertainment, and there was an array of prizes given away like flat screen TVs. I had my fingers crossed the entire time hoping that we would win one. We didn't. :( That's OK, because the dinner was free and so was the entertainment. He was so funny. I don't remember his name but he was an impersonator and he did some rad acts.

This weekend McKay had to drive all the way down to Fairview to do an install. On the way home he thought he would stop be the nearest river and fish. Because McKay loves fish and fishing more than anything else. I came home from a long and busy day at work and saw him doing this.

McKay found some nearly frozen guppies barely surviving in the river, so he took his Maverick gallon jug filled them up in it and brought them home so we could have some pets. He was so fascinated by them, he sat there and stared at them for 15 minutes. He thinks they are salmon. Yum!

This is one of the reasons why I love my husband because he always surprises me with his child-like passions he has, like fish. He looked like a 4 year old little boy so excited he caught something.

He later put in some rocks he found outside to give them a more "homey" feel. I'm sad to say that the majority of them have died. We gave them a quiet yet respectable funeral down our toilet. McKay was kind of sad that they've been dying off so fast. But he said they probably would have died if he didn't save them from the frozen grips of death.

Our good friends Megan and Chad came down and visited us. We ate at our favorite Indian restaurant. We were walking down Center-Street in Provo looking at the festive candy windows and we saw this.


I guess someone was having a Nativity Petting Zoo on the lawn of the Provo Tabernacle. Look at all of it's glory!

Chad and McKay had to get in of the action too!

They also had a pen of strange looking animals, but I couldn't resist not to take pictures of them!

A hairy midget donkey

This is some kind of lamb, you can barley tell it's his face. Look closely you can see it's eye.

This was probably the most random thing I've experienced in a while. It felt good to experience something spontaneous and random. I love that.


The Rasmussens said...

Cute! Those animals were way cute! How fun to be able to pet them too. I have always wanted to pet a camel to see if its rough or not for some odd reason haha. Thanks for the comment on my blog I love you and am glad we have been friends for so long we need to get together soon! Hope all is well! Sounds like you've had a fun week!

The Slacks said...

How funny and cute of McKay! Dan would probably want to bring them home just so he could use them as target practice haha. And wow, i had no idea that camels were so big! It's head was huge!

emmy lou said...

I think if I walked outside right now and saw a camel to love, my heart would be filled with so much warmth that it wouldn't even matter that I'm getting a C in sociology.

CMC (trinity) said...

I'm just glad there wasn't TOO much camel toe involved. We had to be careful to censor the pics just right