Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary

It's official. McKay and I celebrated our second year of bliss together. To celebrate this momentous day in our lives we spent a night at Blue Boar Inn in Midway. We've been waiting for this day all month. We started out by going snowmobiling up by Daniel's Summit. I've had bad past experiences with snowmobiles where I've fallen off and tipped over. A bunch of times I've screamed at McKay to slow down because we were becoming engulfed in powder and were about to tip over. McKay was a sweetheart and slowed down.

Me on the snowmobile

McKay and I

McKay driving up to Daniel's Summitt

After a couple of hours in the freezing cold, we checked in at the Inn. The Blue Boar Inn is so beautiful, elegant, and has a very European feel to it. We stayed in the girly Emily Dickinson room. With it's soft ambient colors, the warmth of the fireplace, and the sense of relaxation was just what McKay and I needed.

We ate at one of the restaurants we went to on our Honeymoon and enjoyed a steak dinner.

After we drove around Midway to look at other potential places to stay for next year's Anniversary.

We had a romantic night with our Fiji waters and our over sized terry cloth robes. This included a lot of rest and relaxation in front of the fireplace to the point that my back felt like it was melting off.

The next morning we enjoyed a five course Sunday Brunch where I had steak and McKay had the Mediterranean omelet. McKay and I felt so pampered in a luxe way. I enjoyed living the way the rich and famous do for a night. Too bad we couldn't live like this for a period of time.

The fireplace in the dinning area

Look at all of the rich furnishings!

What a beautiful Christmas tree

This was our most favorite part of our entire break. Were so excited and look forward to next year to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

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The Rasmussens said...

That place is really neat! I love Midway! I'm glad you guys had fun! Happy late anniversary