Tuesday, December 11, 2012

5 minute post

Oh my gosh, I haven 't posted anything for a month now!  It's getting late and I'm giving myself five minutes to write and be done so I can get to bed!  I've been really busy.  Let me keep you up to date on what's going on. I was planning on doing some projects that included revising my blog and making it more than just a journal. Then a great opportunity was presented to me and my blog has been put on the back burner for now.  I have a friend who has a really famous blog.  A couple weeks ago she texted me offering me a job doing their social media from home because her and her sisters are way too busy keeping up their blog, cookbook deal with Deseret Book, upcoming blog conference and their new website launching in January.  I was totally caught off guard by this and said yes without hesitation. I work part time from home and so far its been such a blessing.  When I quit my job I knew deep down inside of me I wanted to keep up my "career", but wasn't willing to put my child in daycare for it.  This way I can have that small "career," be a mom, and take care of my baby without leaving her side. With Amelia's schedule changing daily there's been a few days where the only work time I could squeeze in was when I was using the restroom.  Gross I know.  Life has been pretty busy with this new and exciting direction in my life.  I hope I can learn how to balance life, work, child, husband and the 1,000 things I want to accomplish, do, and be apart of.  If only women could do it all.  

I cut my hair to sport a new mommy look.  McKay tells me I look like a Russian Spy.
Amelia is getting so big. She will be four months old next week. The photo to the right was when she was a couple weeks old.  I'm a bad mother for trying to put her in the bumbo at that young, what was I thinking? 

I found these glasses while organizing all of my crap from my old job. We had fun with these.

Was invited to join a fabulous group called the Utah Creative Guild and went to their Christmas party. I was able to mingle with some beautiful, smart, and savvy women that night.

An old past time of mine.  I get to play this fun game once a month with some old pals.  

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