Monday, June 11, 2012

Love productive weekends

I'm very happy today.  Why?  Because this was the first time in over two months we were actually home all weekend.  We didn't go anywhere.  And I loved every moment of it.  We did have some good times, but this weekend was D Day for us.  We have a lot of projects we've been putting on the back burner and with the baby coming in 70 days we're in crunch mode.  

The beginning of the week we were able to view the Venus Transit of the Sun for one whole minute before the sun went down.  My dad purchased this film that filters out the sun light, so you can see little Venus.  He had this film on his telescope and binoculars.  He took this photo below with his telescope.  You can see the little black dot in the bottom left corner of the moon.  That is Venus.    

One of our projects was to tile our fireplace.  We were finally able to agree on a tile, got it ordered, and when we got it, it was the wrong color :(  A couple weeks later we got the right color and we were ready to start tiling.  Thanks dad for coming over and supervising to make sure we did everything correctly.  Now the next step is to paint the walls, you can see we tried out a color sample on the wall, but we didn't end up liking it.   

Another project was to pull off the leftover wallpaper that calls the staircase wall its home.  When we first moved in I started ripping things off the wall because it bugged me and I knew eventually I would be taking it down. I didn't know it would take us a year later to actually get it down.  For mother's day, McKay surprised me by telling me he was going to take off the wallpaper for my present.  The best present ever is honey do's.  Thanks McKay. 

The next project for me was the nursery.  I found this fabric, all 4 1/2 yards of it at the DI for $4!  I liked the woven texture and thickness of it.  I made them into curtains.  While my Dad was over helping us with the tiling, I asked him if he could help me put up the curtain rod.  Why do little projects like this that should only take 15 minutes take a hour?  Anyway, I like them, of course McKay doesn't.  He told me it reminded him of a 1970's living room.  Oh McKay, if you could only see the whole picture. 

We have a vacant house to the west of us and they have a really nice cherry tree.  This is the same vacant lot McKay dug up bulbs and got in trouble by the fake Detective Nelson from the Kaysville Police Department. We're going to have a hard time when someone eventually purchases this house because its been nice not having neighbors and from all of the free fruit and flowers.  McKay has had his eye on those cherries for a while and this weekend was the perfect time to pick them.  When McKay got back from picking he had a huge tube full of cherries.  McKay started to think of all of the ways we could use the cherries.  Cherry pie, cherry jam, cherry bars, cherry stuffed chicken, and etc.  We decided to make a homemade cherry pie.  Below is the pie filling McKay made.  He was so proud of it he took a picture.    

I found out where McKay's favorite new spot in the house is.  It's the glider we bought for the nursery.  I couldn't find McKay in the house, so I had to resort to a house search, by going through each room.  The last place I thought he would be in was the nursery, and there he was, in the glider, gliding away with his head phones and ipad.  I asked him what he was doing in there and he said, "I'm watching videos on how to make a cherry pie.  Hey do you know this chair is really comfortable?"   

Sunday after church we went to the park next to our house and threw the frisbee around a bit.  Winston had such a great time because he could run until his heart was content.  Here are some pictures.  

Good job for bringing it back Winston.

McKay trying to teach him how to follow orders.

  I love spending Sunday's at home. This is a rarity when were able to do this because lately we've had so much family stuff going on.  We cooked dinner, ate our cherry pie, played with Winston, and took a nice stroll around the neighborhood. 


Anonymous said...

gaaahhhh i love your dog!! what kind is it!?

Courtney Killpack said...

He's a miniature schnauzer!