Monday, September 19, 2011

L-3 Work Party

On Saturday McKay's work had a big party at This Is The Place State Park.  That morning we ran in the 5K and it was pretty hard because there were a lot of hills and I'm not used to running up hills.  Were we live its pretty flat.  To my great astonishment I did pretty well even though I stopped twice to walk up some of the steeper parts of the course.  My time came to 26:53 which equals to around 8:36 mile.  This is the part that got me, I placed 1st in my age group (the age group was pretty small 21-25) and placed 6th overall in the Women's.  McKay did pretty well too, he got 5th in his age group (26-30) and 17th place overall in Men's.

The work party was pretty fun, it was obviously western themed.  We invited Meggle and Chad to come with us.  They were so good, they dressed up in Western wear, I was being a party pooper and wanted to be comfortable.  We walked around the park and read up about the history of the park.

 They had snack stations all over the park and we grabbed some good ole' corn on the cob.

We rode around on the train and explored through some of the old houses.

We even stopped by the mortuary, I saw this and couldn't resist not taking a picture.  If you can't read the sign its says, "For Sale, only slightly used." 

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