Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horse Back Riding

Last weekend McKay's Uncle took my sista and brotha in-law and I horse back riding up Daniel's Summit.   You're probably asking, where was McKay?  He had a fishing date with his man friend Dan at Strawberry.  Every year we make it a tradition to ride up this area.  I'll be honest riding a 1,000 lbs animal that is 7 feet tall is sometimes kind of intimidating.  It seems like I've always get a horse that is female, has an attitude and likes to do whatever the heck it wants too.  This year I was determined to have a better behaving horse.  I got to ride good ole Risky.  Risky is an oxymoron; he is a sweetheart, but his name makes you think otherwise.  He is a horse that is 26 years old which equates to 78 years old in horse age.  Risky was a good horse, riding him was like turning on cruise control.  I didn't have to do too much when telling him where I needed him to go.  He even galloped a bunch of times. 

Katie is on the left and Risky is on the right.  They were acting really cute right before I took this picture, it looked like they were kissing and snuggling up with each other.  How tender!

In this picture Risky is kissing Katie

Emily and I 

The view from Risky

On Sunday, McKay and I took a motorcycle ride up Weber Canyon where he checked out the hot fly fishing spots. 

Train a coming!

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