Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Where Has My Creativity Gone?

Ever since I graduated from school almost two years ago. I've felt like I have no creativity in my life! I work 8-10 hour day, come home, make dinner, clean, try to do semi-active, make lunch for tomorrow, get ready for bed; by this time it's 10:30! I don't know how women do it with kids! I have no kids and can barely find enough time to write on my blog! Do any of you feel the same way?
One of my New Year's Resolution is to be more creative. I went to the boutique called Soel in the Riverwoods Mall in Provo. They had this really cute looking decoration on the wall. It's made out of cut, painted, squished, and glued toilet paper cardboard rolls. It inspired me to be more creative. Here is a picture of what inspired me.

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Adria T said...

I completely understand! Being busy sucks the creativity right out of you!! It can also eliminate your social life...we need to go on a double date soon! Rollerskating? ice skating? racquetball?