Saturday, March 27, 2010


My pregnant cousin invited me to run with her in the Operation Smile 5K in Provo on Saturday. I think running is boring and have never had any desire to participate in a grueling activity such as this one. This was my first race and was expecting to place last. To my surprise we did pretty well. Our goal was to finish before 45 minutes, but we finished at 35 minutes! My cousin is a tough girl, I didn't see any other pregnant girls running the race. Overall, it wasn't that bad. It's defiantly more fun to run with a friend. I got a cool t-shirt that I'm proudly wearing right now. I'm already feeling sore and will need assistance from McKay to get out of bed tomorrow morning.


The Rasmussens said...

haha good job court I am so proud of you! I run race for the cure every year you should come run it with me!

Matthew and Sara said...

i'm so proud of you!