Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Life

I'm so sorry blog, I've neglected you too long. Life has been pretty crazy. I haven't had time to call back friends who've been wanting to get together and play. I'm sorry (Amber) please forgive me. With school coming to an end, finals, plans of moving, and starting a new job I found it hard to sit down and write about it.

For any of you who haven't heard, I found out two weeks ago I got the job at Utah Valley Radiology Associates! I feel truly blessed to be able to have a job in line before graduating. Especially when people are losing their jobs right and left due to the economy. I start full time right after graduation. I put my two weeks in at Nordstroms. I'm going to miss having my discount and working with the great people there, and being an activist for wearing the correct bra size, but I won't miss working weekends, nights, and every holiday ever again. My last day there is the 29th.

McKay and I decided to move to Orem because I got a full time job and also we wanted to live in a more classy neighborhood. Apartment hunting was the biggest pain! We looked at apartments that were $200 more than what were paying now and they were in worst condition and didn't have any the amenities that we wanted. We were al most ready to quit and stay in our current apartment when McKay saw this ad for a basement apartment a couple of blocks away from his parents house. We went and took a look at it and we absolutely loved it! It's in a nice family oriented neighborhood, the tenants who own the house are so nice, the apartment was very very nice and it came with a washer and dryer! It's a little smaller than our current apartment but I like the idea of living more simple and am excited to decluttering our current apartment to fit into our new apartment. We got such a good deal with this apartment we'll be saving a lot of money every month. We're sad to say good bye to our ward and Katie & Taylor (who live right next door) b ut we've been here for 2 1/2 years and we feel lik e we need a change. We move May 11th.

McKay and I got called to be Temple workers in the Provo Temple. I was so excited because I love going to the temple and think this is going to be a great experience for McKay and I to work together. I got to meet President Merrill Bateman and he was a delight to meet. This will be a great blessing in our lives.

Graduation is May 1st and I'm very excited. I'm going to miss school no doubt, especially all of the people, the social atmosphere and learning. But I'm excited to be able to focus on one thing now. McKay has one year left and he's debating whether he is going to get his Masters and where.


Tage and Amber said...

i know you are way busy hon, so don't worry about me. that's exciting you are graduating and moving. wow that's awesome hon! congrats! let me know about the party!

Telsha said...

congrats on graduating, getting a job, moving, finding an apartment and everything else! That's great. Good for you two we're so happy for you!

Lance&Nance said...

Congratulations on the new job Courtney! It sounds like you guys have a lot of wonderful things coming up in your lives. Best of luck. You were so fun to be around at work I'll miss you.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like life is moving quickly for you two! Congrats on graduation and serious kuddos for your new job! It sounds like you are perfect for the job and will be a great experience not to mention awesome for your resume. I'm so happy you guys found a new place, your new ward is very luck to have you!

Life is good up here in Canada! Vancouver is a really great place, very green, diverse and lots of things to do. The longer we are here the more I am loving it. Scott still has 1 more year for his Masters and then we're possibly moving to S. Korea for a year of research and studying and then coming back to Vancouver for 4 more years while he earns his PHD. He will be in school forever!!! But I am ok with that as long as we stay closer to America-hehe :) Thanks for your note babe! Good to hear from you!