Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday and Job Update

So it was my 22nd Birthday yesterday. It was a day full of school, work, and meetings. Not the most picture perfect birthday but I was surprised that morning. I was taking a shower getting ready in the morning and McKay all of a sudden opens the shower curtain, I'm scared to death and there he is with a bouquet of flowers. I was so surprised because the last time I got flowers and was surprised like has been quite a while. McKay made me a really good Indian dinner and we went running.

So, last Friday I had a 4 1/2 hour interview with Utah Valley Radiology Associates. This was my third interview and it's down to me and another candidate for the position. I learned that over 80 applicants applied for this position, and to be the final two is a honor, but I still want to be the one. I met all of the doctors who I would be working with and traveled to 5 different places. I learned what the job entailed and if I get this job, which I hope, pray and fast that I do, I'll be learning what doctors learn in medical school. I'm going to learn how MRI's work and how to read them. I was pretty blown away by that. But I'm up to a challenge. A good thing was that when I met with the Dr.'s a lot of them knew the Killpack family and spoke highly of them, which made me really happy. Also, a lot of the Dr.'s had connections to family and friends from Bountiful, so that another thing we could connect. I felt really good about the interviewing part and that conversation was flowing freely. They told me that they're looking for 90% personality and they told me that they love my personality. I remembered that a good family friend got some stuff done at one of their facilities and so I called him to ask about his experience. He told me that he became good friends with the Dr and Manager at the facility that he did some of their marketing. He told me that he would call them to give me a good reference. With all of that combined I feel pretty confident about everything. I've had job interviews where I didn't feel too good about the interview and I got the job but other times I felt I did well and didn't get the job. I will hear back from them in a week. When I find out it's going to be happy or sad. But I know that no matter what happens that if its meant to be it will be meant to be.

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The Nielson family said...

I wanted to wish you a Happy birthday 5 days ago. I remembered but we have been out of town for the last week. I sounds like McKay took good care of you for your birthday. I hope you get the job you want.