Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amelia meets her greats

 Two weeks ago we took a trip down to Utah County so Amelia could meet both sets of her great-grandparents.  It was very sweet and I took a lot of pictures.  We started at Grandma and Grandpa Killpack's.    

Grandma Killpack told McKay and I Amelia is their 57th great-grandchild.  

Ever since Grandpa died two months ago Grandma's health hasn't been doing very well.  Grandma has really struggled with Grandpa's death, mostly because after spending 70 years with someone I can't imagine how much you would miss him.  For several weeks Grandma completely lost her appetite and had no desire to take care of herself anymore.  This is so uncharacteristic of Grandma and made everyone in the family worried for her health. My Dad told me for several years Grandma has told him that the one thing she wants to do before she dies is to hold a great-grand baby.  The weeks leading up to Amelia's birth all she could talk about is holding the baby.  I kept telling her if she was going to hold the baby she had to eat her meals so she could have enough strength to do so.  When the day came for us to visit Grandma in Mapleton, my little sister called me on the phone and wondered where we were because Grandma was getting very excited and impatient because she couldn't wait to hold Amelia.  When we got to the house she was almost in tears.  I brought the car seat over to her and lifted the cover and my Dad was able to capture this sweet moment of Grandma seeing Amelia for the first time.

For the next two hours Grandma talked to Amelia, held her tight, gave me a lot of advice, kissed her, and sang to her.  She wouldn't let anyone else hold her.   

I love Grandma's face in this picture.  I haven't seen Grandma this happy for a long time. It made me miss Grandpa a lot. 

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